4th shoot of 2016

Good evening all

Firstly shame on me for not blogging more often! Can’t believe its like almost July 2016 and this year i’ve only done 4 shoots! I literally remember 3/4 years ago I was doing like 30/40 shoots constantly looking to challenge myself. I guess over time priorities change eh or I’m just getting lazy (yes most likely the latter)

So today’s shoot was with the lovely Emma. I first met her via Purpleport in 2014 after finding out she was local to MK and was looking to build up her port. I think in total we’ve done 3 shoots, Aspley Woods, Campbell Park and a night shoot at the Hub.








As she had a day off and had a few last minute cancellations I decided to take the plunge and book her again. I always enjoyed shooting with her and for me having a good rapport with a model really helps to create good images. For our shoot I wanted to do something a bit different, up to now all our shoots were outside and more about being smiley and relaxed. Now that she’s a bit more experienced and I can shoot from my sister’s place I’ve started doing more studio style images focusing more on mood and expression.

I’ll be adding images as I edit them but here is a nice natural image shoot in available light.

I really love natural light, unfortunately there aren’t that many great window opportunities so I like to use this spot a fair bit.

Most of my images are set against a grey background using a combination of a beauty dish and a square softbox, my strobes of choice are a pair of Elinchrom D Lites.