Advice for new models


  • Start with a Hello
  • Be clear and concise
  • Consider using headings to break down your bio into sections
  • Always use a spell check or ask someone to proof your notes (your profile is your shop window to the world)
  • List your availability and links to profiles/instagram/pinterest social media


  • When a photographer contacts be polite and informative
  • No one has time for email tennis, ensure you all questions requested.
  • Do not use shorthand or chat speak, this is not facebook nor are you talking to your ‘mates’
  • Book all your shoots via modelling websites as opposed to Fb/instagram where no moderation is available
  • Be weary of photographers who don’t use photography websites (Flickr, Purpleport, Modelmayhem etc)


  • Photographers\clients like diversity – Do not post all the photos from a shoot.
  • Only post your very best images
  • Keep your images fresh, do not post images from 4/5 years ago, clients want to see what you look like now.
  • Selfies are okay for demonstrate a no makeup photo but don’t be excessive
  • Be sure to include a head shot,  a profile and a full length