TF Rules

Hi there

So when it comes to TF I have some specific conditions

  • I do not pay travel expenses (unless specifically agreed)
  • Models will recieve images within 2 weeks of the shooting.
  • As its TF I am more than happy to accomodate any ideas you may have if feasible.
  • Quality is more important than quantity and with that said I only provide 2 images per outfit shot fully edited.
  • If you want a CD if unedited images from the entire shoot I am not the photographer for you.
  • Images will be uploaded web resolution onto my blog and you can select your own images for editing.
  • I will provide thumbnails and full resolution images of each edit.
  • If you agree to shoot with me you must agree not to edit any images with the exception of cropping.
  • All copyright stays with the photographer, you are more than welcome to print or add them to your portfolio however you cannot sell them for profit.
  • All models will be required to sign a model release (sample_model_release)

Thanks for reading and I hope you understand.