Setting up a online presence

Getting started

Setting up a email account – Sign up here

Now before you sign up to any websites you’ll first need to create a new email address. I personally recommend using Gmail for your email address pick something simple like In most cases this will be displayed on your model profile or website therefore you want something that is easily remembered without any silly characters or symbols.

Setup a model Facebook account – Sign up here

Pretty much everyone has Facebook. Why can’t I use my existing Facebook? Well you can but pretty much people are weird, do you really want a random person seeing photos of you and your friends, your family or even photos of you getting paralytic after a messy night out?Doesn’t exactly scream professionalism does it? It’s much better to separate your personal life and have a single Facebook account just for your modelling and your work. Make sure you use your new email address, that way you can see what’s happening on your account via email notifications, a great way see when people have sent you a message.

Setting up cloud storage – Sign up here

Next I suggest signing up to If you have no idea what this is it’s basically a way to share files with people. What’s great about copy is that you can synchronize it across your devices so desktop, laptop, tablet , phone etc and you get 20GB of free space!!! (be quick as the additional space is a limited offer!)

Setting up a model profile – Click here

Finally you’ll want to setup a model account on a website. Why  can’t I just use facebook? Well again you can however it’s better to have an account on a portfolio hosting website. Not only with other creative see your work but it’s a great way to get references from people you’ve shot with. You can also look up other creative, get an idea of their style of work and see what other people who they’ve shot with say about them. For example if you had a shoot with me, you could look up my portfolio and potentially contact model’s who I’ve worked with to see what I’m like to shoot or if I’m a bit of a weirdo  etc.

Setting up a pinterest account – Click here

Finally the last thing I would suggest is setting up a pinterest account. Pinterest is basically like having your own personal notice board but online. On this notice board you can pin photos you like for example if your on Tumblr and you see a  great idea for a shoot you can pin the photo onto your pinterest and then browse back to it in the future. This is a great way to build up a concept and help share your ideas with a photographer or a designer.