What makes a good edit – From my perspective

Okay so this is a follow up to my article about “what makes a good photo.”

So you’ve had your photos back and you’ve learnt from your mistakes but your still a bit baffled about what is a good picture. You look alright in all of them so which is the best? which should you make your cover photo or your avatar? Does it matter? 
Honest answer yes it does. You might be modelling for a number of reasons, maybe its not just for money or success but you have to note your portfolio or profile is your shop window the world. First impressions count and you want to leave your visitors wanting more hoping they return in the future. If your profile is boring, dull and inaccurate people are most likely going to think your naive or just not very interested.

So what do I need to include in my profile?
Already wrote about this so go here

Okay so I’ve sorted my profile and figured out what I want, now which pictures do I put up? what’s good and bad arrrgghhhh?
Patience 🙂 – Knowing what’s good and bad will come with time and experience but to start you off have a think about the following.

A good beauty shot
I think its very important to at least have a good beauty shot. You want to be able to show off your core facial features like your smile, eyes, teeth, skin complexion and your hair. Beauty shots like the below always have an air of being flawless however you can still see that the model has some key features, good skin, nice hair and a great smile. What’s important to note is that this is a very simple photo, no arty photoshop, no excessive watermarks and just a simple very natural edit.

A casual portrait

I think its also important to include a natural portrait highlighting your figure. The below shot was taken on a summers day, nothing fancy or overly exciting, So many people seem to think to take a nice picture you need to find a photographer with a fancy studio and lighting. That is simply not that case, photographers want to see what a model looks like without all the faff, not what they look like caked in product.

If you look closely again the image is very plain and natural. There are no excessive Photoshop nor any distractions drawing the viewer away from the model. The outfit also demonstrates the models figure. If the model was wearing a very loose tshirt or dress then this should would have no purpose. Photos like this as aimed to highlight your figure without trying to be trashy.

Being moody

For fashion models especially i think its definitely good to have an image which adds a little drama. Upon viewing I am immediately drawn to the models expression. This in turn makes me question the image and the models situation which is awesome, as a model you want people to really get inspired by a photo.  If you look around the image there are no real big distractions, the photographer has clearly gone to lengths to ensure there was no one walking by or in the background when the shot was taken.

Its also clearly apparent that there was a small thought to style of the outfit and accessorizing. In so many shots the outfit, hair and accessorizes don’t make any sense to the overall image. If you turn up to a shoot and a photographer never questions these things you do have to think to yourself does it not matter and if not why not?

Does styling matter?

Yes. Any photographer who says it doesn’t is just silly. Ignoring the location you can see that a lot of effort has gone into the models makeup and styling. The eye makeup is flawless alongside her hair. The outfit is also quirky and exciting and its balanced well with her earrings. Again looking at the image you can see the photo is totally about the model, its in focus and you don’t find yourself straying around the image knowing where to look. It’s also very clean and fresh and instantly grabs your attention.

I’ll also be doing another post on what are bad photos for a models portfolio so be sure to be back soon!