What makes a good photo – a photographers perspective

So one of my models recently requested I write a little about the end product, the photos you receive from a photo-shoot (please note this guide is specifically aimed at TF shoots only!)

So your a model you spent ages getting ready for a shoot, walked around like a tool a mad outfit and did a number of weird wacky poses in the hope to create something beautiful. Its judgement day and you’ve finally received some images.

Now lets pretend you were a naive and didn’t really discuss any details. Firstly if this is true shame on you! If your doing a TF shoot you must ALWAYS discuss what your receiving from the shoot. Some photographers will give away everything from a TF shoot however they may not edit anything. Others like myself only provide 1/2 images per outfit shot fully edited within 2 weeks however others can take months. The details are very important and you should be clear!

Now as I plan to add to this I’m just going to make a big long list, please ignore the order as it bares no relevance to priority.

To begin here are some questions about the number of images received?

  1. Did you receive an image of every outfit shot and if not was a reason provided? This could be perfectly harmless and the photographer have made disliked a particular set of images or felt they were weaker in comparison. This is more often true if you are shooting a large number of outfits like 10+
  2. Did you receive a number of images per set, a set would be defined as a particular outfit that was shot. Sometimes models just let the photographer pick what is the best as they generally are a better guess of what’s good and what’s not however is there variety in the images or are the images of just the same pose but a different outfit aka no variety?
  3. If you received only a couple of images were they all fully edited?
  4. If you retrieved loads of images were any of them edited? will you be able to request any edits in the future?

Next the quality of the images

  1. How many images are edited?
  2. How many images contain watermarks?
  3. How big is the watermark? is it obtrusive and draw attention away from the image? The a model photo should be about the model, not who took it.
  4. Can you request images without watermarks?
  5. What resolution are the images? aka for online only or high resolution too so you can get them printed yourself?
  6. Are the images flattering? have they avoid weird angles or background distractions?
  7. Have they kept the photos natural or have the simple bombard all your photos with a number of over the top edits?
  8. Are the photos received to the quality you expected?
  9. Did you receive photos decent and respectful of your levels?