Common Terms

  • Collaboration – Pretty much exactly what is says, creative collaborating together generally to build images for their portfolios.
  • Syndicate – This is when creative work together, generally for free, to sell those images and share in the revenue.
  • NSFW – Not safe for work, this is a term used to describe the levels of an image and whether they are fit for general viewing in the workplace.
  • MUA – A common abbreviation for a make-up artist.
  • Tog – Common abbreviation for Photographer. The majority of good photographers don’t like it. It is commonly used by glamour photographers, GWC’s and older photographers trying to act “cool”
  • Test/Testing – This is generally where you apply for a casting and go for a interview to see whether you are suitable for a particular concept, again for free.
  • “GWC – Guy/Gal with camera” – These are usually people who have camera’s and primarily prey on women in order to take dodgy photos of them in states of undress, with no real emphasis on style/or overall effect.
  • TFCD – Time for CD e.g. you give your time in return for a CD or digital copies of images from the shoot. The number of images you get should be agreed prior to the shoot. Be selective in your TFCD arrangements as there is no point in doing it unless the images are of some benefit to you. Not all opportunities are good opportunities, if a photographer has no experience, is not going to direct you, doesn’t have a makeup artist nor a concept do you think they are going to be able to provide you with quality images/experience? Also bear in mind good photographers are also very selective in their TFCD arrangements, so treat the opportunity to work on this basis with a good photographer as a lucky break rather than a divine right.
  • TFP – Time for prints, the above but instead you receive printed images instead of digital copies.
  • Part-paid/part TF – Where you receive some payment and some images in compensation for your time.
  • Syndicate – work together, generally for free, to sell those images and share in the revenue.
  • PP/Post Processing – The process of editing an image to the end product.
  • Test/Testing – This is where you go along to a shoot, have some shots taken to see if you fit the brief for later paid work.

Modelling Levels

  • Portrait – Simple as it sounds. Fully clothed portrait style shots.
  • Fashion – Generally fully clothed however can involve a level of implied nudity for example sheer clothing.
  • Glamour – This can vary from playful shots, lingerie or fully naked. It is best to find out exactly what’s required before committing to a “glamour” shoot.
  • Implied Topless/Nude – This is where you are wearing clothes but where it just looks like you are topless or nude.
  • Topless – Breasts and nipples on show.