Dear model, I’d love for you to be the face of my new brand!

So over the last few weeks I’ve started to hear more and more people mentioning they’ve been awarded this kind of thing. Now obviously anyone telling you that they want YOU to be the image of their brand is good news however I’d like to raise a couple of thinking points.

  1. If its an online product for example a clothing brand are you going to get paid? If yes well done you, I have nothing bad to say 🙂
  2. If your not what will you aim to receive from the shoot? photos? free products? fuel expenses?
  3. Have you seen the online website? what does it look like? does it look professional, are they sponsored or endorsed by any big brands/retailers?
  4. How popular are they on social websites like facebook? If they have <100 likes and very little influence on social media how realistically popular are their products?
  5. Use the exampling of American Apparel or HYPE clothing they have quite a big online present and are very popular, how does this new brand compare?
  6. Many online brands say they expect the model to shoot TFP for the first one however they will pay them for all further shoots once the brand has been launched. Now obviously this does make sense but if the brand is going to make you shoot their entire line via TFP when do you aim to get paid to do something?
  7. How many products do the brand have? how many new products do they have and how often do they release new items?
  8. Do you get exclusivity to all new advertising new products or will they hire other models too?
  9. It might be nice to be the face of a product however do you just want to get a reputation as the model who just works for free all the time?

Obviously most of the above will be a buzz kill but think about the opportunity as an overall project, what is the return on you donating your time for free? If you get a bunch of free items to add to your wardrobe that is fairly good but if you don’t get anything do you think your actually going to make any money from it or is the designer just wanting someone who will shoot for free.