Writing your profile notes

Okay so recently I’ve been hunting for new models to collaborate with. Time and time again many of the newbies I’ve found claim to have no idea what to write or to include in their profile.

Now to me this is just stupid and they’re being lazy. All you need to do is look for models in your area or a model that you look up to and see what they’ve put. Then all you do is write something similar to your particular needs/ desires.

Apparently this concept of common sense is foreign to models.

Sorry to paint you all with the same brush but holy crap if you’ve wanted to be a model for as long as you can remember make a ducking effort.

For those of you who want some inspiration check out this profile of the lovely model Sopha Lottie

For those of you have never come across this website this is Purpleport, a portfolio hosting website for models/photographers/stylists/studio owners in the UK. It’s free to sign up however if you can afford the upgrade which only £25 per year it’s well worth it! For those who want to sign up click here – (oh if you do sign up remember to put my name for recommending you)

Now before I continue please note this model has a premium account but don’t worry. When you first sign up you can a 30 day free trial, amazing right!

Okay here is Sopha Lottie profile (as of 26th March 2013)

Now I’ve going to break it down into each section

  1. The model first starts by introducing her Facebook page. Everyone has Facebook and you should definitely consider setting one up as it’s free. Not only is it a good way to interact with your fans, creative and other artists but it’s a great way to show off your portfolio, ideas and what you want to achieve.
  2. A welcome message – It’s always nice to welcome people on your profile!
  3. Introduce yourself, who are you? Why are you here and what do you want to achieve?
  4. Do you have a car? Do you travel? Do you have a rail card? Do you require a chaperone?
  5. What are your rates? Are you only looking for paid work? Do you offer TF? Is it worth contacting you for special assignments?
  6. Next when contacting you what should a photographer/ creative include? Please note when sorting out shoots you don’t want to be playing email tennis. An efficient model will be able to arrange a shoot in 3 messages. If like me you have a full time job you can’t afford to be spending 20-30 minutes replying to messages! By providing a clear guideline like above you can ensure when people contact you, you have all the information you need to instantly let you decipher whether the enquiry is viable or not
  7. What are your levels? Do you only do clothed styles? Lingerie? Glamour? Topless? Nude etc

  8. Do you have any body modifications, tattoos or scars?
  9. The line at the end is definitely essential, a creative might have an interesting opportunity but limited funds and unsure if you’d be interested. Obviously if money is the only factor you can ignore this but if a photographer has access to an amazing location or to work as part of a big project investing your time in something like this could reap massive benefits.
  10. Next what do you want to achieve? You might already have a portfolio and are just looking for paid work but you should be clear about what styles you want to do and what you feel comfortable with. Be clear and concise and don’t let anyone assume anything!
  11. So after reading the profile notes you’ll notice the purple boxes. These contains your preferences, experience, your levels, links to external websites and your availability. It is in your best interest to fill in as many of the fields/ features as well as you can.
  12. Information – In this you can complete how much experience you have. If you’ve been shooting since you were 16 but you only did 2 shoots in this time don’t list yourself as having 2 years experience. If you have crap photos yet you list lots of experience photographers/creative will question why your portfolio is so poor. It is worth listing if you only do paid work, if you travel and whether you can shoot from home.
  13. Stats and Sizes – Here you need to list your measurements, don’t lie as any good photographer who stares at models on a daily basis will know if your fiddling the truth. You should also list body modifications and if you have tattoos.
  14. Shoot styles – What styles do you model? If you are unclear what some of these mean ask someone, don’t select them until you are happy with them
  15. The Calendar – Now this is a great way to list your availability. Some photographers might plan to come into your area on tours so displaying this information could land you a potential paid shoot!
  16. Lists – Lists is a feature on Purpleport that lets you add creatives to lists. For example Sopha has a list of people she’s like to work with. This list if publically accessible and when you add someone to the list they will get a notification that your interested in working with them. This is great if you like someones work but are unsure if they’re interested in collaborating.
  17. Collections – This feature works like pinterest but is limited to images only found on Purpleport.com
  18. External Links – Not much to say other than this widget allows you to list links to external websites like your facebook, your profile on another website etc. Please note this feature is only for premium members and if you do not subscribe after your trial these links will be removed!

I hope this has been helpful and once again a big thanks to SophaLottie for letting me do this!