What I look for in a model?

So it’s almost the end of 2012 and I’m currently looking at the last year and what’s in plan for the new year.

After doing my low light shoot in London I’ve been getting a lot of interest which is good, but my point for this post is what do I look for in a model, what inspires me to collaborate with them and is there anything that puts me off?

So from my perspective this is what I look for, in no particular order

  1. How well written are model notes? (Spelling / grammar and are there kisses or any inappropriate comments)
  2. Is all key information listed? (stats, measurements,styles)
  3. Does the model ramble? (does it list their life story, highlight every shoot like a trophy cabinet)
  4. How many images are there in their portfolio? (your only as good as your worst image)
  5. Are all the images equally as strong or are they diluted by poorer standard work? (your only as good as your worst image)
  6. If the model has references how do they portray the model, their ability and what they put into the shoot?
  7. Finally when looking at their portfolio how emotive is the model? Is there variety or is it consistently the same look/expression in every image? (If a model has the same look in all her images she isn’t emotive or she/he doesn’t think its important which is a massive no no)