TF Collaborations – Question’s to maybe ask

Seen loads of threads about TF arrangements so I thought I would post something on here! When requesting TF these are some questions you should me thinking about/ asking about.

  • Is make-up and/ or hair provided?
  • How long will the shoot be?
  • How many images will you get?
  • How many images per look?
  • Will they be edited?
  • Do I get to select which images I like?
  • Will I receive high resolution edits and thumbnails
  • Will my edits contain your watermark or will they come without it?
  • How long will I have to wait for the photos?
  • Are there are restrictions on using the images?
  • Can I crop the images for my Facebook/ online profiles?
  • Can I edit the photos myself?
  • Can I print the photos for my printed portfolio?