“He’s a beginner, just helping him out”

So earlier this afternoon I was talking to a model about some photos she tagged on Facebook of her in lingerie. I’m wasn’t really a fan and neither was she but she didn’t mind as she was just being kind and helping the guy out.

Now don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with helping people but if you have no experience and are learning you shouldn’t be doing lingerie you should be learning about your craft including the basics. If you don’t care about these things maybe your not a creative and just doing it for other reasons.

Good photographer

  • Isn’t obsessed with jumping into nakedness/lingerie
  • Pays attention to detail/styling/wardrobe
  • Thinks about poses and how they flatter the model
  • Cares about the background/distractions and the impact of the frame

Bad photographer

  • Pays no attention to the background
  • Makes no attempt to think about styling of the impact
  • Doesn’t pose the model
  • Will take 100s of photos with very little deviation in the images
  • Isn’t fussed about the overall impact of the shot

Now fair play in helping people but as a model do you really want 100s of boring pictures of you potentially on the internet making clients think well this model clearly doesn’t care about her image. I know some models only care about money and as long as they pay then they don’t give shizzle but if your really interested in being the best that you can be maybe you should think more about what images say about you, do they sell you as a model?