Hello X, I’m a model scout for Y Company and I really love your look. You should sign up to my company Z and I can help you become a model!

So a few weeks ago a new model who I found on modelmayhem.com told me about a model scout who had contacted her. The scout said he worked for some agency and wanted her to take a year out of shooting so he could mentor her and help get her to the standard required for the agency. Turns out this “scout” also wanted her not to work with anyone else keeping on the down until she was more experienced.

Now to me this is utter crap. I’m no pro and don’t claim to be but surely as a model you’re going to make better progress if you spend a year shooting and getting more experience than doing none at all? When I came to ask her about who the guy was, his credentials, experience and who he had mentored she came up blank so to me he sounds a bit sketchy.

Obviously if he had legit credentials and real life references I’d be less sceptical but it just sounds like some sort of con at a first glance.

Moral of the story, scouts can be weird so make sure you check out all details, the company, the business address, building contacts and referees to those who they have worked with! Oh and don’t sign anything until you get advice from someone who knows the industry, don’t let them bully you into something you’re not 100% confident about!